Kraft Paper Laminating Machine



Kraft Paper Laminating Machine was designed and fabricated by New Edge technical team.
Welcome customers who care about Kraft Paper Laminating Honeycomb.




Kraft Paper Laminating Machine is a machine used for automatic process includes 4 main clusters:  

Process I: Kraft paper supply area. Preparing the kraft paper and moving to Process III.

Process II: Honeycomb paper supply area –Single angle and full-automatic four-sided angle-fixing equipment - Preparing the Honeycomb paper and moving to Process III

Process III: Glue spray cluster. It coated with glue adhesive on one side and moving to cluster IV

Process IV: Cluster of paper Kraft laminate on Honeycomb . Pasting kraft paper for the four-corner seams of Honeycomb



What benefit the Kraft Paper Pasting Machine can bring to customer:

The operation is simple

Improving production efficiency with good quanlity boxes with the interlayer bonding is high

Cost saving on Manpower, Time and Material wastage



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